About TERT

Glen Meyer

The Timpanogos Emergency Response Team (TERT) was organized in 1983 to assist hikers and climbers on Mt. Timpanogos. TERT is composed of an all-volunteer group of emergency medical technicians (EMT), climbers, radio communicators (licensed amateur radio operator), and other interested persons. In teams of four or more they maintain a camp near Emerald Lake (six miles from the Aspen Grove Trail Head at 10,300 feet elevation) each weekend late June through September. Members of the team are also positioned at the Timpooneke and Aspen Grove Trail Head to provide wilderness trail information and communication with the “high camp” team. TERT functions under the auspices of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Department of Forestry, Pleasant Grove Ranger Station.

The Team relies on Life Flight or other Helicopter services and the Utah County Search and Rescue Team for evacuation of injured individuals. The team typically does not leave the mountain with an injured person, but instead provides at least basic first aid and waits for evacuation. The level of first aid care provided by TERT is dependent on the medical equipment, supplies, and certification levels of team members on duty and available to an injured person, which may vary from basic first aid to EMT or higher level of care. The sheriff’s personnel determine the mode of evacuation after necessary information concerning the injury has been radioed to the Sheriff’s office.

Since its inception, the team has treated hundreds of injuries, located many lost hikers, and has been credited for saving a number of lives, due, in part, to its fast response time. Many injuries have also been prevented due to the education provided by the team, and due to its presence on the mountain.. Many hours are put into making TERT successful. Typically , over 7000 volunteer man-hours are donated each year.