Stewart Falls

The Stewart Falls Team meets at the Aspen Grove Trail Head Shack (gathers their supplies from Aspen Grove Trail Head) at approximately 0800 Hr. Saturday morning and hikes the 1.5 miles to Stewart Falls. The team spends the afternoon just downstream of the falls in a visible location by the area where the trail meets the stream coming from the falls. The team remains in place from 0900 – 1700. The team is lead by a High Camp Team Leader who has the overall responsibility for the weekend. If contact cannot be made to the High Camp Leader or trail head for whatever reason, the team is responsible to manage situations and to notify dispatch for any emergencies that are not small issues. The Team consists at the least one medical person and one communications person. One person can man the falls alone, but this should only happen if no other option is available. The Team must be prepared for any weather or incidents that may come along.

To volunteer for a weekend at Stewart Falls, or to view current assignments for the year 2023, please click here (team members only, please):

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For more info, to request a weekend, or to change schedule, contact:

Steve Fleischer
steve0605 at gmail dot com
Aspen Grove Trailhead
Michael Preuss
mjpreuss at msn dot com
Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls