Trail Head

During the TERT season, there are communications people stationed at the two trail head huts at Timpooneke and at Aspen Grove and are there from about 1630 hours Friday through Sunday mid afternoon. They provide valuable communication with each other, Stewart Falls, the High Camp Team and with the Utah County Sheriff’s Dispatch. They check in with Sheriff’s dispatch on a regular basis. They provide High Camp with information on hikers heading up the trail. The High Camp often asks them to watch for certain people coming down to make certain they make it okay. Families have the opportunity to participate.  In addition to the communication function, the trail head teams interact with hikers heading up the trail providing valuable information on trail conditions, weather, distances, equipment needs, and trail etiquette. The Trail Head teams typically camp at one of the improved camp grounds near their huts.

To volunteer for a trail head weekend, or to view current assignments for the year 2023, please click here (team members only, please):

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For more info, to request a weekend, or to change schedule, contact:

Joshua Jones

Trailhead Manager
jjonesy211 at gmail dot com

Timpooneke Trail Head Hut
Aspen Grove Trail Head Hut