Team Staffing

High Camp and Trail Head teams are generally on the mountain from after melt off in early summer until late September. Each weekend during the TERT season is staffed from Friday evening through Sunday morning.

Trail Head teams are present at the shacks to answer questions, encourage you to sign the trail register, and aid with communication or other problems that arise. The High Camp team usually spends the day near the Emerald Lake Shelter to assist with medical and other emergencies. The High Camp team and both Trailhead Teams have radio communication capability. Please say hello!


Fall hiking presents its own set of challenges and varied conditions on Timp. Often the mountain is covered in early fall and late summer snow that melts rapidly except in the higher elevations out of direct sun light. Expect a range of temperatures and conditions including trail sections of wet and muddy surfaces and sections of light snow covered conditions. Be prepared for varied conditions depending on what the weather does leading up to and during your ascent. Most hikers will want to avoid the snow field since it presents extra hazards as you hike either up or down due to rocks and lack of snow from the summer melt.


Snow Topped

Winter travel is not recommended without extensive backcountry snow experience, avalanche training, and proper avalanche rescue equipment (beacon, probe, shovel). Never venture into this terrain alone in the winter and make sure your group is aware of the current avalanche forecast/conditions as published by the Utah Avlanche Center.



Early summer season presents a unique set of challenges and hazards from snow motes and fast water to high risk steep snow crossings with a high price for failure. Stay tuned to our conditions page for information. Check the weather forecast and be prepared for worst case scenario. Forecast


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