TERT has two training days each spring – Outdoor Training and Indoor Training.

To become a team member, an applicant for the Timpanogos Emergency Response Team must complete an online application and attend at least one of the two Spring all-day training sessions in the year of the application. A team member must attend at least one of the two Spring all-day training sessions each year to maintain membership, unless this requirement is waived by the TERT director for the member for a given year.

The training is in the spring and is presented by current team members and invited guests. There is no cost for these courses, but the candidate must provide their own transportation, some equipment and food.

The Indoor Training is usually held in the Provo area.  We have a full day of TERT instruction and medical training.  The hours may be used for re-certification. Those attending receive excellent medical training in a variety of areas.

The Outdoor Training class is held Aspen Grove and emphasizes team protocols, backpacking skills, basic rope and ice axe techniques, radio operation (for licensed amateur radio operators), medical, and helicopter protocol.

Members are encouraged to seek out training opportunities in the community to enhance their skills.  Note “Related Sites” for training opportunities.