General Hiking Information

Jan 1, 2010   //   by Glen Meyer   //   Visitor Information  //  2 Comments
  • It normally takes adults about 6 to 8 hours to hike to top and around 4 hours to get back to trail head.
  • The Timpooneke trail is not as steep as the Aspen Grove trail and is a bit easier to follow.
  • A min. of 3 liters/person of liquid is recommended (soft drinks don’t count). Water can be found at Emerald Lake but should be filtered.
  • It is usually much cooler on Timp than in the valley so take extra clothing.
  • With nights longer, take flashlights in case you have to come down in the dark! This happens quite often.
  • There is a group size restriction.  I believe it is 15 people max. Check with Forest Service for actual regulation.

For details or futher information, please contact the Pleasant Grove Ranger Distict (801.785.3563)


  • I hiked Timp on July 3 and dropped my Nikon digital camera off the side of the trail, but didn’t dare retrieving it with my pack on. This was on the trail desending from Emerald Lake on the Timpooneke side. The camera is in a small Sony case. I would like to get the camea back, if anyone can grab it for me. Can I make a public viewable post for this on

  • Hiked to Emerald Lake Tuesday, July 3 from Timpooneke trail, beautiful day but the fires in American Fork Canyon area in the afternoon created a lot of smoke and a little anxiety for the trip down. Hike took around 10 hours with several extended breaks to cool off and admire the beautiful surroundings. Trail was in great shape with a couple of very minor snow bridges in the upper cirque area before the trail splits for the bomber wreckage. Several in our party went to the summit and descended the snowfield and reported it is already in rough shape with large sun cups (the size of a childs snow sled disk) with rocks in the bottom of every one littering the entire journey. Had a great day and looking forward to the next trip already.